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How to organize your wedding abroad foreign ?

The best day of your life, the wedding, is a moment that it is wise to plan down to the last detail if you want to be sure that everything goes perfectly. What many people do for this occasion is to go abroad. Indeed, although France is a beautiful country, many foreign countries offer unique settings in the world that will mark the minds during a wedding.

If you want to choose the ultimate venue in a foreign country to celebrate your love, find out all you need to know about it in this article.

Where to have your wedding abroad ?

To start, here are some ideas for find your dream destination.

Once you’ve found the perfect location, you can opt for special invitations, with a personalized announcement. You can make it happen depending on the region of the world where the wedding is taking place. If you choose the tropics, add a summery touch to the invitation.

The goal is to stay in the theme and make your guests want to come.

Concerning the destinations, there are a multitude of possible choices according to your desires. If you like the Mediterranean, countries with ancient culture, getting married in Santorini seems to be the ideal choice for you. Organize the ceremony near the beach, in the summer, to enjoy a breathtaking view with the very pleasant climate of the region.

Otherwise, the tropics are a great place for such an occasion. You will find your happiness in the French overseas regions, or in the Caribbean countries. Whatever’If you want to get married in a postcard setting, go to one of these destinations.

The colder countries are also perfectly adapted for a wedding, we can think of the United Kingdom, with Scotland or England and London, its capital, which offers atypical places for a wedding. Indeed, many manors and estates surrounded by lush greenery are present in this region of the world.

Finally, Nordic countries such as Sweden or Finland, allow you to get married in snowy places where you can even see the Northern Lights. What could be better if you appreciate wilder regions ? You have a wide choice of destinations at your disposal, you just have to target your desires and your priorities.

How to organize the most beautiful day of your life ?

To continue, organize a wedding It is not easy to choose a place for a wedding, especially if you want to do it in another country. There are several factors to take into account for this.

First of all, it is important to know where you are going to hold the event, as this will influence all the other decisions you will have to make afterwards. Once you know where it will take place, all you have to do is make a list of the best places to go’guests, specifically the number of people present.

Of course, there is still the question of the time of the wedding, the activities that you will plan, the meals and aperitifs, many questions that need to be answered. It is advisable to do things step by step, otherwise you will get lost in the number of things to manage.

If you are worried about the organization of the wedding, you can always contact a wedding planner. Behind this term are wedding planners, who will take care of all these tasks for you, for a fee of course. This will relieve you of that extra stress, and you can enjoy the occasion.

Of course, you can always manage it yourself, depending on what you prefer.

How to organize the most beautiful day of your life?

How to get the guests to come ?

Finally, we must of course think about the means of transport’How to get your guests to the place of the festivities.

Depending on the destination, you will have to take some time before sending your invitations. Indeed, the flights are very expensive if you take it at the last moment and the guests will appreciate to be able to organize themselves in advance.

As a general rule, taking about eight months in advance is enough for the guests to get organized. In addition, you can also send in your invitations the coordinates of the hotels or lodgings near the ceremony in order to facilitate the research of the guests, who will appreciate this attention towards them.