Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Discovery Finistère: what are the places to discover absolutely ?

A great way to relax and learn at the same time is to go and discover new places, new regions. If you like to go on an adventure, then Finistère is the place for you. Located in Brittany, this French department has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. Here are the must-see places to visit in Finistère !

Numerous hotel complexes at your disposal

When traveling for tourism, the first thing you need to think about is where you will spend your nights. In Finistère, your tourist trip will seem magical from your first night. Indeed, the region has several hotels, each more sublime than the other, depending on your budget.

If it’s a romantic getaway, finding a romantic hotel in Finistere will be easy. You will be able to start and end your trip in a unique atmosphere. In addition, you will benefit from various quality services.

Organize a moment of relaxation for two in a marine spa will allow you to decompress gently.

The bay of Douarnenez

Became a landmark for boaters, the bay of Douarnenez is a charming and welcoming place. With its lively streets full of shops, you can spend excellent moments discovering the local products. Moreover, you can decide to make a trip there boat trip.

The bay of Douarnenez gives you access to several other breathtaking sites that are worth a visit. These include the Tristan Island or the port-museum. It would be a pity not to visit it.

The city of Quimper

Labeled as ” City of art and history “The city of Quimper is a must-see in Finistère. A real collection of history, it offers you a beautiful show with its singular architecture. Considered as the cultural capital of Brittany, the city of Quimper will teach you a lot.

You can take the opportunity to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, the Breton Departmental Museum and the Museum of Faience.

The mountains of Arrée

The mountainous massif of Arrée offers you a atypical, wild and unique landscape. It has a dry vegetation and long ridges. Located at 385 meters high, the Monts d’Arrée are the ideal destination if you want to get some exercise.

Indeed, they provide an environment conducive to the hiking and outdoor activities.

The peninsula of Crozon

If you are looking for a little corner of paradise in Finistère then the peninsula of Crozon is the place that you should not miss to explore. Perfect alliance between land and sea, it guarantees you a breathtaking view from the tip of Pen-Hir.

It gives you the opportunity to contemplate the Sea of Iroise in all its splendor. You can also visit the beach of the virgin island where you can dive in translucent blue waters.

The beach of La Torche

The beach of La Torche is the meeting place of hundreds of tourists water sports enthusiasts every year. Very famous for the sports competitions it hosts, the beach of the torch is also an excellent place to surf. If you like surfing or water sports in general, you can’t stay in Finistère without visiting it.

As you can see here, Finistère is a very popular region. It owes its success not only to its beautiful sites, but also to its friendly and charming atmosphere.