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River cruises in France by barge : what to expect’it is necessary to know !

If you take a river cruise in France n’It’s not on your list, it should be’Be ! Seeing France on a Seine River cruise is an unforgettable experience. You will sleep in a historic city and wake up in a completely different part of France. Qu’it s’You will have the opportunity to savor a delicious French cuisine or to stroll through the corridors of the city’With a magnificent castle, there is plenty to do and see on a river cruise’a cruise on the French river. We’ve put together some information about river cruises in France so that you’ll be ready for the memorable trip you’re about to experience.

River cruises in France offer a unique way to see the country, once in a lifetime.

15 things to know before taking a river cruise in France

River cruise the luxury of more

Imagine sitting in your cabin with a French balcony overlooking the French countryside. You cruise along the Seine River en route to your next destination and relax in a comfortable robe after a delicious dinner filled with local food and drink’French inspiration. C’is what you will feel when you take a river cruise on France ! Sailing on board’A river cruise in France offers you the chance to see parts of the country from the water’water that only a handful of people can see.

Our first cruise on the Seine River was a unique experience’We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The added luxury, which means that there is no need to worry about the cost of the cruise’They include more than expected for the price. In addition to’options’excursion to more than’options to include every budget price point, we really enjoyed our Seine River Cruise experience.

Your river cruise France s’moor in the center of the city; no more ports of embarkation for you

Raise your hand if you have been on a cruise and the’The place where you dock is a seaport and the city and the beaches are miles away from the center. Yeah, so are we. In other cruise experiences’If you are seasick, a river cruise in France is the perfect way to enjoy the scenery’will stop in the center of the city ! To the’Back in the day, French cities were built close to the river so that citizens could easily access the water’water.

Guess what that translates to for you ? Being in the heart of’a pretty French village as soon as you get off the boat. C’This was a fantastic experience because you could explore without having to make any decisions’excursion at all !

Choose a river cruise

If you wanted to go for a run in the morning or if you forgot to pick up a souvenir later in the evening, all you have to do is walk directly from the boat to the heart of the city you are visiting. C’was the’one of the best things about being on a plane’a river cruise in Europe. L’accessibility of port cities is really nice.

You won’t’You won’t get seasick and you’ll hardly know you’re moving at all on river cruises in France

L’This is one of the great fears of people when it comes to the sea’The most important thing about a cruise vacation is the fact that the boat will be rocking on the waves and that you will be able to enjoy your time on board’they might get seasick. We’ve done our fair share of ocean cruises and have been on some pretty crazy seas [10-15 foot waves, no waves, no water]’whoever ?We’re here to tell you that while it’s not easy to do, it’s not easy to do’If this is one of your fears, consider taking a European river cruise.

Since you are sailing on rivers, you are sailing smoothly on glassy waters with no waves in sight. French river cruises offer the pleasure of sailing without the worry of seasickness or sinking. When we sailed the Seine River in France with Amawaterways, we were shocked at how safe the process was’The trip went smoothly ! Sometimes we didn’t even know we had left the port to get to our next destination until we got there’to what we were looking at’and see how fast we were going.

If you are afraid of sinking or drowning’other [unlikely] disasters that could happen to a cruise, rest assured that French rivers are so shallow if the boat sank, you could simply climb to the top floor until you reach the bottom’to the’arrival of help (according to our captain Amawaterways !) This made us feel super safe because the Seine River is very shallow and the banks are right there ! In the unlikely event that you don’t have a choice, you’ll be able to explore’an emergency, they don’t have far to go ! If you’re seasick, a river cruise in France is the perfect way to enjoy the’water without all the waves and swaying.

All excursions and tours are included and you can even take multiple tours per day in some ports

When you take a river cruise in France, you’ll want to spend time exploring the beautiful ports. On Amawaterways, all excursions and tours were included in the price of the French cruise. This means that for an 8-day river cruise in France, we had a choice of 6 days of tours and a few days of excursions’excursions.

In some ports, you can even make two tours if the weather permits ! Unlike d’One of the best things about other cruise experiences where you have to pay individually for excursions, a French river cruise on Amawaterways includes all of this in your fare.

At the beginning of the cruise, you will receive a document detailing all the excursions in France to choose from, which you will be able to do on your own’We are here to tell you that if you are ready for a tour, you will need to know what they involve, their level of difficulty, and the exit times, then you will circle them and turn them into your cruise manager. Thus, you n’you won’t have to worry about’one thing during your entire cruise on France. Some excursions leave in the morning at 9:00 a.m. and return around 11:00 a.m., which gives you time to eat a little and get some sleep’We had to be ready for a visit to the’afternoon if you are interested ! If you like to relax in the morning as we do, just choose a visit of the’afternoon depending on your schedule !

You can also take bikes for free or participate in an active bike tour on a French river cruise

After a week [trying] to figure out the Paris city bike system, we loved being able to use the bikes for free at any time ! Unfortunately, many river cruises in France no longer carry their own bikes on board. Instead, they use local bike outfitters [for a fee] at each port the ship visits. During our cruise on the Seine, we had the opportunity to see the sights’opportunity to discover historic cities like Rouen by bike.

In each port, the’crew had the bikes lined up at the’All you had to do was ask for a helmet and a bike at the reception and you were on your way.

Which cruise to choose in France

It also offers more relaxed and active bike tours where you can actually get a session of’training. We chose not to do a bike tour, but many people on our French River boat really enjoyed them ! Instead, we have chosen to go with a private boat’You need to explore on your own and we loved the freedom the bikes gave us. They even come with’You have an easy-to-use built-in lock, so if you want to go to a store or a nice church, all you have to do is easily lock the bike and go ! If you are interested in cycling to explore the cities and are having a hard time choosing between the French river cruise companies, rest assured that we have chosen the right one for you’They offer them in all the ports and that’they are included in your cruise fare.

River cruises in France are actually more affordable than you think’one might think

The biggest rebuttal we make here when we tell people that we did a river cruise in France is, but no’is not expensive ? Here’s the thing, you have to take everything into account and add up the prices and then you can tell us if you think it’s worth it ! For example, on Amawaterways, all excursions and tours were included in the price of the French river cruise. This means that for an 8 day river cruise in France, we had a choice of 6 days of tours and’excursions.

Now let’s compare it to an ocean cruise that doesn’t have any of the above’includes no guided tour. An 8-day cruise on the Atlantic Ocean’The cost of an ocean cruise with a room on the balcony is usually between 800 Euros and 1,000 Euros per person. And if you want to take an excursion ? You need to’About 90 to 150 Euros per tour per person per day, and what if you want to do two a day ? Add a few hundred euros more per person.

You want to drink beer and wine? ? 50 Euros per person per day for a drink package. You want a specialty meal ? Add an extra 35 Euros per person. On Amawaterways, you can enjoy’a gastronomic experience at the Chef’s Table included in the price of each passenger. Don’t even get us started on the astronomical price of a cruise’Internet. On a cruise in France, unlimited wifi is again included.

In the end, the price of a regular ocean cruise is’a river cruise in France n’is not much more expensive than’a regular ocean cruise.

Before considering a river cruise in France as something you could never afford, just sit down and compare costs. You’ll quickly learn that the all-inclusive nature of’a cruise on the Seine with Amawaterways may be more affordable than you thought !

Choose a slightly longer cruise

If you have been won over by a simple river cruise, you will undoubtedly be enthusiastic about the idea of sailing longer, especially to discover other countries. You will have the opportunity to travel around the world with MSC Cruises and you will not be disappointed since the ports are very pleasant to discover with friends, family, colleagues or even your own family.

  • You should plan less than 400 euros for this cruise in the Mediterranean for example, you will be invited to discover during 8 days several ports.
  • You can choose your cruise according to a few criteria such as the destination, the duration, the company, the departure and arrival ports..
  • With this information, you can really sail for less and make the most of your vacation without breaking the bank.

Cruises, whether on the sea or on a river, are always pleasant, they allow you to enjoy your vacations from another angle since the visits are always pleasant and different. If you haven’t tried this before, we invite you to check it out as MSC cruises are the most fun. You will have at your disposal the most modern fleet in Europe.

What are the destinations for the cruise ?

You wonder about the possible destinations for this boat and they are numerous. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to discover Southern Europe, the Mediterranean or America and even the Greek islands. If you are looking for warmth, the Caribbean or the Balearic Islands should be the place for you.

Depending on the destination, you will have a more or less important duration, it can then oscillate between 4 and 16 days in particular for Iceland. You have to take the time to spend a few hours each time in the ports, especially for the tourists to do some shopping.

Compare all the offers as well as the ships available with the MSC company since they are often different according to the prestige, the size, the number of people… You will have the Grandiosa, the Fantasia or the Preziosa and even the Splendida, the Poesia and the Seaview. As far as the capacity of the ships is concerned, you will have a consequent size since some can accommodate between 1200 and 3000 passengers while others easily exceed 3000 places. You will then have very important boats and you will not have to worry about them’You won’t get the feeling of being in a hurry’be on the’water.

The visit to the beaches on D-Day is the highlight of the trip’a cruise on the French River

When we decided to go on a river cruise in France, we knew we wanted to visit the D-Day beaches in Normandy. Amawaterways offered two tours, the first one being on the’one to the American landing beaches and the’The other one is the D-Day beaches and the Canadian. Since we are Americans, we chose the first one. C’This is an experience that everyone, young and old, should have.

It does’It’s not an easy task’a passionate tour of the world’history or history’a veteran tour, but not the only one’an experience everyone should have. The tour lasted over 10 hours, but it was a great experience’was the’one of the best and most moving things we’ve experienced in all of travel.

Take a boat cruise

The Amawaterways guide was local to the area and had personal ties to the company’D-Day invasion that made the’Even more instructive experience. We visited the American cemetery, Omaha Beach, an area where there were still German bunkers, and a second beach where the Allies built a makeshift port. We can’t begin to stress that visiting the sites of the world’s most popular tourist destinations is a must’The D-Day invasion will be the highlight of your river cruise in France, if not of all your trips.

If you think it won’t be interesting or that it won’t be a good experience, then it is’If this is not for you, we strongly advise you to reconsider as this experience, especially with a local guide, is one that you will not want to miss’you will not forget in a hurry.

You will have the’opportunity to eat French food from a different country’local inspiration every day of your river cruise

They say the food on river cruises in France is really better, and we have to be d’agreement ! Depending on the region of the country you are in, Amawaterways will serve you dishes of’local inspiration for lunch and dinner. If you are near the English Channel, mussels may be on the menu. Our river cruise through France went through Normandy where the local cheese is very popular.

Each day for lunch and dinner, we had a selection of’Depending on the region of the country you are in, Amawaterways will serve at least 5 cheeses, crackers, baguettes and jellies to enjoy.

The daily lunch and dinner menu always included a vegetarian option and food allergies were accommodated. Every lunch and dinner, you had the opportunity to have a meal’a full four-course meal, five courses if you include some cheese before dinner. Local beers and wines were also served at each meal, making it a delicious companion to the day’s meal.

If you don’t want to eat in the main dining room, it’s best to eat in the dining room’is correct ! In the lounge, there was always a smaller selection for lunch and dinner in case you wanted something simpler and quieter than the main dining room. If you’re looking for local inspiration’One of the best French river cruises, consider Amawaterways because their food was really delicious.

The smaller size of the ships means you won’t be surrounded by thousands of people at every turn

For our river cruise in France, our boat could accommodate 150 people. If you are more introverted, like a quieter environment, or want to focus on yourself and your fellow travelers, a cruise on France is the way to go. The setting is quite intimate as the boat is small. In fact, it was’is more like taking the sleeper train across Canada than a regular ocean cruise.

While the’s hustle and bustle’an ocean cruise can be fun, a change of pace, especially as a couple, was great ! It did not’there were no cabins above it’If you don’t want to eat in the main dining room, it’s a noisy nightclub or a crowded restaurant’A noisy comedy club to avoid and there are no long lines’There were no super long lines’If you don’t want to wait for food or drinks, you can go to the main dining room.

L’The intimate atmosphere of our France cruise was quite calm and relaxing after a long day of exploring a port so you don’t have to worry about the weather’will have no problem getting off after a long day !

Each cabin is spacious and has a private bathroom’an Apple computer and a laptop’a television set

Do you like to stay in touch with your friends and family at home ? We loved it on our Amawaterways France river cruise, each cabin was equipped with a private bathroom’a huge Apple computer that also served as a cabin TV ! We even discovered that you can print as many documents as you want for free, which made the’printing train tickets a snap’child from our own cabin !

Take a barge cruise

We also want to take a moment to talk about the bathroom ! The bathroom in our Amawaterways cabin was so luxurious and massive ! The shower was large and you had’you don’t even have to wait’impression of’being on board’In fact, it was a small river cruise ship when you were in that bathroom ! The tile work was beautiful and the cabin itself was understated and relaxing without being over the top.

You’ll love the’subtle attention to detail

When choosing your French River cruise, you may not even consider the small details that go into everything you do. For example, there are two custom umbrellas in each cabin for you to take when you leave the ship. It rained slightly during two of the tours, so having the umbrellas was a fantastic touch ! In addition, during the cruise, Amawaterways will offer each guest a small gift to take home.

Victoria received a pink and gold scarf that’She loves it and Terrence received an Amawaterways Logo hat ! From food and beverage service to customized tour options, the Amawaterways’The attention to detail is quite pleasant without being stuffy and over the top.

Chances are you’ll make friends with the staff on your France cruise

If you are afraid to go on a river cruise in France because you don’t want to be waited for on foot, you don’t have to go on a cruise’You are not alone ! It makes many people feel uncomfortable in the water’comfortable. Amawaterways offers a more relaxed French river cruise experience, with attentive, friendly staff available when you need them. They are not stiff or distant like in some 5 star hotels, but they are kind, warm and happy to help you. It’s safe to say that everyone on board our river cruise in France will have a great time’s height is tied to the water’friendship with some of the staff !

You can enjoy the water’a bath under the stars during a trip’a river cruise in France

The hot tub on the upper deck was the best part of the trip’one of the best moments of our river cruise experience in France. We were shocked to find out’learn that’Amawaterways is in fact one of the best river cruises available’one of the only cruise lines that still offers an onboard spa. We do’You can use it every night and it is not in the sea’There is nothing more magical than passing by small French villages while relaxing in the water’hot water with the’fresh air flying against their face.

Don’t worry, you’ll get a towel and slippers to use, so put them on, get on board and watch the world go by ! We love the fact that’Amawaterways always has a hot tub for its guests, which makes it a great place to relax’Amawaterways is actually one of the best French river cruises in our book, even for this reason alone.

Which river cruise to choose

If you’re cruising on the Seine, you’ll have the chance to pass through the locks

Okay, give us a moment to geek out a bit here ! In case you didn’t know, a lock is the most important thing you can do’where the boats are raised lower or higher when they’re in the water’they sail on a river. They are built in a location where the height of the deck is related to the height of the water’The water has suddenly changed by the day’where there were rapids or a waterfall’It makes a lot of people uncomfortable in the water or in a place that was usually impassable. For example, the Panama Canal is made up of a number of islands’a large number of people’The locks that connect the’Pacific Ocean to the’Atlantic Ocean.

During a’On a river cruise in France on the Seine, you will have the opportunity to pass through different locks.

Your boat goes into a lock and then either a ton of water or you’re not great at navigating’The water [we’re talking 15-20 feet] fills up and lifts you up to the water level’s water’The other side is a ton of water’water is drained to the’at the lower level of the sea. C’It’s actually a lot of fun and a little crazy’to make the’first hand experience. Even if you don’You’re not great at sailing [none of us are]’is in the sea], it is not a problem’It is still a fun little moment to experience and tell your family and friends about ! Cruises on the Seine are not uncommon, so you will have many opportunities to document the pleasures of navigation.

A cruise on the French River is a photographer’s dream

Okay, we won’t’Let’s not lie, a cruise on the French River offers fun for everyone, but it’s also a great way to see the world’This is a particularly unique experience for those who love photography. Taking a river cruise on the Seine offers a unique perspective to photograph landscapes and cityscapes from the water’waterfall. Plus, you’ll never see the same thing twice ! One day, you will have the opportunity to see it’The next day you have the opportunity to photograph beautiful churches, a castle and the next beautiful white cliffs.

A French river cruise is always surprising with what lies just around the bend of the river [bonus points for all those who know this reference.