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10 things to do in Rome

Rome, the capital of’Italy and the’Rome is a city of exceptional historical and cultural heritage that every year welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world. This article aims to briefly introduce you to its monuments, museums, fountains and squares (piazzas) through some ideas of what to do’activities, to give you an idea of the journey that awaits you in this magnificent city. You will also find a lot of documentation online to allow you to discover the park’Organize your stay in the capital.

Here is a small selection of the most interesting sites 10 must-do activities to discover the city and immerse yourself in its atmosphere during your stay.

Selection of 10 things to do in Rome

Your trip is bound to be rich with so much to do in Rome. This is not’is certainly not the type of destination to choose when we want to spend a vacation under the sign of relaxation. Between all the places, monuments and tourist museums to visit, the cuisine to enjoy, the walks to see the different squares and parks, your program has plenty to do. However, visiting Rome is still a pleasure and you will keep exceptional memories, we promise you that.

Here is a small guide to enjoy the city and its artistic, culinary and historical treasures.

Picnic in the park of Villa Borghese

The Villa Borghese Park The park is an ode to nature and the environment’The park is about 80 hectares in size. A true hymn to nature, Villa Borghese is home to a lake filled with turtles, carp and other animals’water birds and the park of Villa Borghese’a small temple. Numerous museums (Villa Medici, Borghese Gallery, Municipal Museum of Zoology, etc.).) are scattered throughout the park. In addition, it is possible to’You can admire beautifully sculpted hedges and bushes and enjoy shady areas (thanks to the presence of many trees) perfect for a comfortable picnic. C’It is the kind of place to be’activities to do when’It’s best to do it at the end of your stay in Rome, to relax after your many visits and the walking you’ve done’they have generated.

You don’t’You are not unaware that Rome is also the capital of pizza. Also, if you have a picnic in this park, don’t forget to take a break’This is a great opportunity to take advantage of it and to taste this universal culinary speciality.

Take a tour of Rome by tourist bus

If you want a global overview of Rome to organize your visits afterwards or to relax, n’Do not hesitate to take a ticket for a tourist bus. This will allow you to pass by all the most famous sites without walking for miles. In addition, you can hop on and off as often as you like at the stops on the tour. To start your stay in Rome, this is a good solution.

It allows you to find your way around the city and to better organize yourself to optimize your trip. C’is also the possibility of seeing the city from a different perspective’architecture of the monuments, before visiting them completely.

Eat an ice cream in front of the Trevi Fountain

Located in Piazza Trevi, the Trevi Fountain The main building of the city is located next to the Palazzo Poli and is the main entrance to the city’one of the most emblematic places in Rome where every year many couples say yes to each other for a common life project. Romantic par excellence beyond’It is a sumptuous statue, it appears in the film La Dolce Vita of Federico Fellini in a kissing scene of course. Your stay in Rome would not be complete without a visit in front of the Trevi Fountain’admire and if you wish, throw a coin back to the fountain making a wish.

N’Don’t hesitate to relax between two visits to Piazza di Trevi to admire this majestic fountain with a delicious ice cream (Italian know-how is unmatched in this field).

Eat an ice cream in front of the Trevi Fountain

Watching a Rome sunset from the Gianicolò hill

The hill of Gianicolò borders the right bank of the Tiber, south of the Vatican City. It is possible to find at its top a statue of Garibaldi (defender of Pius IV during the siege of Rome, a French invasion), as well as a statue of a man who was a member of the army’a cannon that fires blanks every day at noon sharp. This hill is a real haven of peace from which it is possible to see the city from a distance’to have a breathtaking view of the city.

This makes it a particularly popular place to admire the sunsets.

Entering St. Peter’s Basilica

The St. Peter’s Basilica St. Peter’s Basilica is a World Heritage architectural gem’UNESCO which welcomes every year many pilgrims. Built in part by Michelangelo and with the second highest dome in the world, this basilica absolutely requires a visit. To the’Inside, we feel tiny under the majestic dome and that’s a good thing’all the more palpable as the interior dimensions are gigantic. It is also home to some relics such as the tombs of Domenico and Domenica’Alexander VII (220ᵉ pope) and of course the Fiori’Innocent VIII (213ᵉ pope) and many works of art’art.

Entering St. Peter's Basilica

Take the’aperitif in the’one of the small bars of Trastevere

The Trastevere district, Located at the bottom of the Gianicolò hill, it is known for being bohemian and colorful and hosts many bars and restaurants, making it the most popular place in Rome’one of the main places to eat in Rome. If you want to have an aperitif with friends, lovers or family, this is the place to be’is the’place to go. The neighborhood is also home to many churches where you can visit to admire the different architectures.

Our advice is to spend a day in this area and visit the’The film ends with the sunset from the hill of Gianicolò, since it is the only one of its kind in Rome’It overlooks the neighborhood.

Eat a pizza on the steps of the fountain in front of the Pantheon

If you liked the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, you should also like the dome of the famous Pantheon which represented the largest dome of the’Antiquity. Initially, the Pantheon was a temple dedicated to the deities, but it was not’The Pantheon was transformed into a church under the pontificate of Boniface IV before becoming the Basilica of the Holy Virgin and All Martyrs. This central monument in Rome has inspired many people to take a look at it’other pantheons as the Pantheon of Paris whose facade resumes that of its Roman model. A visit to this ancient place in such good condition s’It is a must if you go to Rome.

Take the opportunity to enjoy a delicious pizza on the steps of the monument and soak up the atmosphere’atmosphere of the piazza della Rotonda on which it is located.

Eat pizza on the steps of the fountain in front of the Pantheon

Buy local products at the flower and food market in Piazza de Campo De’ Fiori

It sometimes happens to be one of the most beautiful in Rome’hear that the markets are the lungs of the city’a city. They allow to create social links, to meet each other and to make the city work’agriculture. Rome, like many cities around the world, has its own markets, and the flower and food market of the Campo De Fiori is a must-see Piazza de Campo De’ Fiori should particularly please you. It is considered the’It is one of the most beautiful places in Rome where people can have a drink’olfactory and visual aspects are mixed to offer you a beautiful colorful and fragrant picture. Let yourself be carried away by the scent of basil, peppers and tomatoes to immerse yourself a little more with each step in the’The atmosphere of the city of Rome.

You’ll find local products to enjoy on the spot or to take away that will allow you to discover new flavors and tastes’possibly bring back a bit of Rome in your luggage when you come back.

Take the best pictures of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum from the top of the Palatine Hill

Rome would not be Rome without its ancient vestiges s, such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum which are two major tourist sites. Symbols of the city, these are the most important monuments’The most photographed vestiges are elsewhere and you will find many postcards representing these two places. If you want to take your own pictures, we recommend you to go to the top of the Palatine Hill which will offer you a breathtaking view of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

Taking the best pictures of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum from the top of the Palatine Hill

Rent a bike to ride along the Via Appia Antica and reach the Catacombs of Rome

Finally, we close this article by advising you to rent a bicycle, which will allow you to discover the city’s atmosphere’You will be able to go faster than if you were walking on foot while staying in the water’A river cruise in France offers you the chance to see parts of the country from the shore and to enjoy the sun and the beauty of the city. You can travel the Via Appia, an ancient road connecting Rome to Brindisi, which will allow you to enjoy nature at its best’The city is far away from the center since it is largely bordered by sea’You’ll enjoy a delicious dinner filled with dishes of trees, greenery, relics, minerals and sometimes even goats and sheep. You can pass under the’Roman aqueduct, another well-preserved ancient relic. C’is also a good way to get to the different parts of France catacombs of Rome of which the city abounds.

The two most famous are Saint-Calixte and Saint-Sébastien, both of which have magnificent crypts.