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The most beautiful places of the Algarve

The Algarve region corresponds to the southern coastline of Portugal. It has a natural and environmental heritage of the most remarkable. Picturesque villages where traditional fishing is still practiced, dominant baroque churches, radiating red hills on a sea-blue background, rock formations with atypical shapes are all elements that make up this heritage. Lovers of beautiful landscapes will be enchanted by the riches of the region !

The most beautiful places in the Algarve

Visiting the Algarve is really a good choice, as the region has so much to offer wonderful places. It is difficult to make an exhaustive selection of its places, admirable from different points of view. However, we will try to lend ourselves to the exercise and suggest you some incredible places.

Do not hesitate to do further research to make the most of every aspect of this magical region.

The District of Faro

The District of Faro corresponds to the extreme south of Portugal, and more generally encompasses a large part of the places we will talk about in the rest of this article. This southern tip is absolutely sumptuous, and hosts a multitude of small villages, castles and churches. One of these is the Igreja de Carmo (Church of the Carmelites) known for housing the macabre Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of the Bones), whose walls are decorated with the bones of the former Carmelite monks who once officiated in the church.

This arrangement in the line of the vanities, aims to remind people who walk on the floor of the chapel, that life is fleeting.

The mountainous town of Monchique is also located in the district. Its historic center reflects the traditional architecture of the Algarve, and is quite picturesque because of the narrow streets that make it up.


Albufeira is the most touristic and famous city of the Algarve, often subject to mass tourism. The city is quite close to many of the Algarve’s beaches, contributing greatly to its success. The city is home to a marina, and many activities are offered, such as visits to the coastline or the observation of dolphins.


Ponta da Piedade

The Ponta da Piedada is considered the emblematic place of the Algarve region. The site hosts a chain of large eroded cliffs crossed by secret passages, caves, arches and caverns. From the top of these cliffs, it is possible to have a breathtaking view of the bay and the Serra de Monchique – a mountainous area known for its thermal springs.

This place is simply an incredible demonstration of all that nature can make beautiful.

Ponta da Piedade


Lagos is one of the most touristic cities in the region, and not without reason. It is surrounded by picturesque beaches, and its charming historical center represents the Portuguese tradition.

Travelers will appreciate to voluntarily get lost in the multiple cobbled streets that constitute it. They can also enjoy an exceptional historical heritage with the old walls of the Moors dating from the seventeenth century. Like Faro, the city has its own baroque church that is worth a visit. The city is also very close to the Ponta da Piedade, which we mentioned before, and can be the object of a small enchanting expedition.


The cave of Benagil

The Benagil cave – otherwise known as the cathedral of Benagil – is one of the most famous caves in the Algarve. It owes its second name to the multiple arches that constitute it giving it the aspect of a cathedral. In the interior, there is a small beach whose sand is golden by the sun that crosses the cave, making a beautiful well of light. Its charm also lies in the fact that it is not easily accessible, since it can only be reached by sea.

This gives it a sanctuary and secret side.

The cave of Benagil

Praia de Marinha beach

Considered the most beautiful beach in the Algarve and even one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Praia de Marinha beach is indeed quite breathtaking. Bordered by high cliffs sculpted by erosion, you feel infinitely small once you are on its sandbanks. The view of the horizon from the top of the cliffs is quite breathtaking, which is why a small pathway was built on top of the cliffs.

It offers an incredible viewpoint, from which many photos are taken every year. Among the most taken photos, we find in particular those trying to capture the heart that can form the double marine arch in m. Taken from the right angle, this is the upper part of a heart with the cavity of the cliff in front of it.

The beach Praia de Marinha

L’island of Tavira

Like the cave of Benagil, theisland of Tavira is only accessible by boat. It is full of beautiful sandy beaches that stretch for miles. It is home to the Praia de Tavira which is very popular. At the northern end of the island, one can observe a lighthouse, the spur, which serves as a landmark and gives a very picturesque and marine side to the island.

In addition, Santa Luzia, a small fishing village is located on the island.