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Discover the’Reunion Island: what is the best time to go there !

L’îthe of the Réunion, paradise of the’océIndian year, invites you à explore its volcanoes nichés between cliffs and forestsêtropical caves, à you prélounging on the sand of the peaceful and exquisite beach of Grande Anse, and à dive off the coast of the côs west coast’îthe. So, when is the right time to visit and s’amuse ?

DéLet’s cover in this post the périodes idéales to visit the city’îthe Réunion.

The Réunion, a îthe of the’océIndian year à 10,000 kilometersètres of Paris

L’îthe of the Réunion is locatedéin the island’océIndian year, à 8,420 kilometersèfrom Paris. The hardée of the flight Paris La RéThe flight time is 11.5 hours, which makes it the longest in the world’one of the longest domestic flights in the world. Make a ruleéreservation for a direct flight from Paris à Saint Denis de La Réunion with French bee !

It is part of the’The Mascarene Archipelago, which includes éand Rodrigues, and whose genèThe volcanic area is linked to theée à l’éEstablishment of’a hot spot.

L’archipelago of the Comoros, à l’The country is located in the western part of the country, in the Mozambique Channel, in the south of the country and in the north of the country’India and Sri Lanka, and the îthe Seychelles, to the north, share their location in the’océIndian year with the Réunion. L’îthe one in Diego Garcia, which is a friendly territoryéricain, is locatedée à l’is.

What can be found on the’île of the Réunion ?

With its strategic locationégic, the’île of the Réunion can ês point of departureés part of your trip in the’océan Indian !

You déwill cover lagoons and golden beachesées , modern cities and hamlets lost in the vast amphitheéâthe best time to travel’intés. The forês lush vegetation abounds and the Piton de la Fournaise, the’a des volcanoes the most active in the world, stands in a lunar landscape.

Its The museum is located in the heart of a magnificent landscape with its microclimates étonnants (the passage of’a végédense tropical vegetation à of the pâThe fact that it takes only a few minutes to reach the Alpine mountain ranges makes the’îthe a rareté natural.

The diversityé natural of the’îthe s’accompanied by the varietyété of its population. Originating from’Europe and beyond’Africa, Madagascar, India and the Middle East’India and China, they are today’Today united by marriages séculary.

The best time to travel à l’île de la Réunion

The climate of the’île of the Réunion is tropical, hot and humid. It varies significantly depending on the location’altitude and’exposure to the prevailing winds.

L’îthe knownît two different seasonsérents :

  • the rainy season , which lasts fromécember à féand whose temperatures are higher than those of Februaryéaverage temperatures range from 23°C à 30°C,
  • the season sèche , which lasts from May à November and whose temperatures areératures vary between 25°C and 18°C.

In the course of à As the’altitude increases, the tempéThe temperature decreases, and one can observe timeératures négatives at high altitude . Cyclones are possible between January and March on the island’îthe.

The northern capital, Saint-Denis, has açor an average of 1,150 mm of rain per year. The côs normally fresher than the rest of the worldîcheck , is the rés rainiest region’île, with préThe maximum annual rainfall is 4,000/8,000 mm. The côThe western part of the country is warm and dryèche , s with preséannual rainfall as low as 650 mm.

Apart from the cold méridional, the péperiods in March à May or September à October is the best season to stay in Switzerlandéday à the Réunion . Les phénameènes météThe rain and heat conditions are less noticeable during these short spring and summer months’fall.

However, if you êyour à s search for a new homeésion and thrill, you can visit the Réunion à any time of the year’année .