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Why choose the boat for the visit of the lake of Annecy ?

The lake of Annecy is appreciated every year by thousands of tourists. To find peace and quiet, while enjoying this unique natural setting, renting a boat has many advantages.

The purest lake in Europe

In the 1950s, Lake Annecy did not look like the lake of today. Most of the wastewater is discharged directly into its waters. Faced with this observation, a group of people, led by Dr Servettaz, have taken up this issue. In less than twenty years, the whole of the municipalities bordering the lake will put in place the “tout-à-l’égout”. The lake of Annecy is now considered as the purest lake in Europe.

The presence of fish species such as Arctic char, trout and perch attest to the quality of the water.

Most of the lake activities are practiced on the lake of Annecy: swimming, paddle, water skiing, diving, sailing and wakesurfing. By cycling around the lake, especially by the cycle track, you can enjoy the numerous beaches of Annecy, Sévrier, Saint-Jorioz, Angon and Veyrier-du-Lac. But the high number of tourists is the price of success.

To take advantage of this unique natural setting you can rent a boat. The road around the lake is often very crowded, with a boat, you will easily reach the port of the typical villages of the lake.

Our advice to rent a boat

Lake Annecy is one of the largest lakes in France with Lake Geneva and Lake Bourget. You can navigate with small boats such as pedal boats, rowing boats or paddle boats. The latter is the most popular rental by the hour. Renting a boat on Lake Annecy is a pleasant and original way to enjoy this magnificent setting. On the Pâquier esplanade in Annecy, many rental companies offer various types of boats from pedal boats to motor boats with or without a license.

Around the lake, most of the beaches also offer boat rentals. At the port of Sevrier, you can even rent a large catamaran that can accommodate up to four people. You can also go through private individuals for the rental. It is the occasion to be advised to know the pleasant places to throw the anchor at the level of the Roc de Chère or in front of the castle of Duingt. The best time to sail on Lake Annecy is between June and September.

You can swim or water ski from your boat.

To go around the lake or to cross it, it is preferable to have a motor boat. If the boat has a power lower than 6 horses, the license is not necessary, beyond the boat license (coastal or offshore) is mandatory. Lake tourism in Annecy has become very popular, as holidaymakers increasingly want to be in a healthy environment close to nature.

This tendency is even more marked since the various confinements related to the sanitary crisis.

From Lake Annecy to Lake Geneva

Choosing the boat to explore the lake of Annecy allows to get closer to two exceptional sites. The natural reserve of the Roc de Chère, located in the town of Talloires-Montmin, which offers a unique panorama of the Bauges massif. You can even see salamanders in summer. The national nature reserve of the end of the lake allows you to discover a preserved fauna and flora.

The two rivers on site are home to beavers who have chosen this natural site to settle.

The Annecy region located in the Savoie region allows you to discover the two other largest lakes in France. The lake of Bourget which is located in Savoie. While sailing on its waters, you can stop at the port of Aix-les-Bains to discover this spa town and taste the delicious local specialties such as perch fillets. The opposite shore of the Lac du Bourget is wilder and steeper.

It houses the beautiful abbey of Haute-Combe which can be visited all year round.

The largest lake in Europe is located in Haute-Savoie and Switzerland, it is Lake Geneva. You can discover the city of Geneva and its huge water jet by renting a boat in Switzerland. It also borders the city of Lausanne in the Swiss Confederation. This city has beautiful gardens that you can walk from its port. You can swim in the Bellerive pool located near the port of Vidy.

On the French side, in front of Lausanne, the village of Yvoire is worth a visit. This medieval city built in the 14th century allows you to discover the Garden of the Five Senses in a cloister with no less than 1,500 varieties of plants. The fortified town has preserved its ramparts and gates from the past. The port of Yvoire is home to paddle steamers that connect to the city of Lausanne.

The magnificent church tower is bulbous with steel scales. These are the symbol of the féra which is one of the finest edible fish in Lake Geneva.