Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Some essential items to take in your bag during your vacations

Going on vacation allows you to get away, recreate, discover new places and meet new people. However, in order to have a peaceful and unforgettable vacation without any major difficulties, it is advisable to take the essential items in your backpack. In addition to the standard accessories (clothing, caps, etc.), the choice of a flashlight is also important.), these necessary objects guarantee you a serene vacation and facilitate your stay once at your destination.

Here are the essential items to bring on your vacation.

The protective mask

Since the arrival of the covid-19, the protective mask has become the first item to enter the backpacks when preparing for a vacation. As you know, the protective mask allows to avoid the contamination of the disease. Indeed, you can only enjoy your vacation if you are in good health.

In fact, wearing a protective mask is recommended before, during and on the day you return from your vacation.

A hydroalcoholic gel solution

Obviously, to optimize your protection against the coronavirus and other viruses, you should choose a universal adapter bacteria during your vacation, you should keep a hydroalcoholic gel solution in your backpack. It will allow you to disinfect your hands after a contact with an object or any sick person. Health is a priority during travel and especially during the vacations.

And it’s always good to return home in perfect health after a memorable vacation.

A water bottle

The water bottle is the essential accessory to put in your backpack when you go on vacation. Indeed, the choice of a customizable water bottle allows you to drink and especially to keep it with you everywhere. You can easily find yourself in a place without water at any time during your trip.

In this case, every drop of water becomes important.


The earplugs allow to reduce considerably the noise pollution. In the plane or in a poorly insulated hotel, earplugs help you to hear well sleep. They are therefore essential accessories to put in your backpack for your vacations.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags allow you to separate your dirty line from the clean. They are also handy for separating wet clothes and especially to protect your bag against water during the rain or in a boat.

A universal adapter

With a universal adapter, you can recharge your electrical devices (phone, camera, computer, etc.) in any country in the world.) in all countries of the world. Don’t forget to choose an adapter equipped with USB ports to connect several electrical equipments.

An external charger

If you have to go for long walks far from a power outlet during your stay, don’t forget to keep a spare battery or an external charger. If you’re going to a sunny country, choose one of the following external solar charger to prepare for any eventuality.

A flashlight

The flashlight is also an essential accessory. Choosing a lamp that runs on LEDs and can be recharged manually is ideal. If you have enough space in your bag, a headlamp is an excellent choice.

It allows you to have your hands free to keep other tools.

A Swiss Army knife

The Swiss Army knife is very useful in any situation. It allows you to uncork a bottle, repair a bicycle, cut small wood, pieces of meat, etc. It is the must in any situation.

Never forget to keep one with you when you go on vacation.

A flat bag to put on your shoulder

Under a t-shirt, the bag serves as a storage kit for your important papers, credit card, etc. It is essential if you have to be between 2 destinations during your trip. You can also put your money in it for more security.

It is not visible under your clothes. It is practical and avoids you to keep money in your pockets.

A camera

The camera is the unique accessory that allows you to bring back beautiful pictures vacation souvenirs. If you can, carry a device in a separate bag to ensure its safety.