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How to rent your house during the vacations ?

Whether it is to make some money or to avoid abandoning your home completely during the vacations, it is possible to opt for the rental of your property. Thanks to internet sites, it is now very easy to rent out your main residence. Many individuals opt for this very economical option, which often allows them to finance their vacation alone.

But how to rent out your house during the vacations and what to look out for ? The answer in this article.

Can you rent your house during the vacations and under what conditions ?

According to the French legislation, it is possible to to rent its house during the vacations. This rental obeys the rules and laws of seasonal rental. This is often the same everywhere in France, but can present some differences in cities like Paris or Aix-en-Provence.

House with a swimming pool or with soundproofing panels like those for sale on addictivesound.Each of these points can be a great bonus for a successful sale.

Is it compulsory to declare a seasonal rental to the town hall? ?

When an owner decides to rent out his or her main residence for seasonal rental, he or she is not required to declare it to the town hall.

In some cities such as Paris, Bordeaux or Lyon, the laws are slightly different. It is then mandatory to make a declaration and to ask for the authorization of the city hall before renting your property.

How long is it possible to rent your house ?

According to the law, a house is considered to be rented on a seasonal basis when it is rented for one year maximum of 120 days per year.

Beyond this limit, the rental becomes a classic rental and the taxation changes. For a property to be considered as a seasonal rental, it must be the owner’s main residence and therefore inhabited a minimum of 8 months per year.

It is also forbidden to rent your house for more than 90 days to the same client and to renew the lease after these 90 days.

A lease contract is mandatory in all circumstances

The lease contract is an insurance for both the owner and the tenant. It is imperative that such a contract is signed by both parties and that it contains the price of the rental and the different payment terms.

How to get oneā€™take it there ?

Opt for online ads

The best way to promote yourself : put ads online. Whether it’s on social media like Facebook or Twitter or on rental websites, it’s important to use the internet to increase the visibility of the property to be rented.

Go to the sites dedicated to the vacations

Some sites are exclusively dedicated to vacation rentals. They allow to put in relation the ideal customer with the ideal tenant. Experiencing a real estate boom,

Go through a real estate agency

The real estate agency is certainly the best choice in the case of people who do not want to take the headache. No need to write and post ads, just leave the file in the hands of the agency and wait for your property to sell. Small inconvenience, this workload has a price: about 20% of the earnings of the rental.

How to make an ad that will be a hit ?

Putting your property up for rent seems easy, but making a good ad is not within the reach of everyone. As a true science of communication, sales and rental ads must be studied and thought out to have every chance of attracting the attention of the potential tenant.

How to make an ad that will be a hit?

List the advantages of the property

First thing to consider, the advantages of its property. To start your house and make it attractive, it is imperative to highlight what makes it unique. This can be done by adding solar panels, but also by the presence of a fireplace, a beautiful terrace, or an exterior in the heart of Marseille.

How to select your first photo

The photo is the first element on which the eye will linger. It is then important to bet everything on this photo which can with its only power to settle a sale.

The first photo can represent this unique asset that distinguishes your house, but can also be taken in the living room, especially if it is silty.

Writing a good title

The title is often what will allow to sort the ads and put forward those corresponding to the tenant’s search. For a good sorting, it is important to title the ad according to the advantages of the house. For example: 3 room apartment, 2 bathrooms, a terrace with a beautiful view.