Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Why travel to the USA to glamp this summer ?

Travelling is certainly the best way to meet oneself. When the’you leave far from your bases, you quickly find your limits, you specify your needs and you free yourself from the superfluous. In short, we get to know each other. But for this to happen, the trip must be full of surprises and a change of scenery.

The summer week spent each year at the in-laws’ in the Berry region will certainly not be enough to make you what you are. On the other hand, traveling to the USA for glamping this summer, that yes !

Why glamping this summer ?

Almost everyone has tried camping at least once in their lives. If some are absolutely unconditional fans of this type of accommodation, it is because of the fact that we live in a tent’The question of where to stay is a question that deserves to be answered’it has some limits, especially in terms of comfort. Glamping offers an alternative way to get close to nature, the calm and simplicity of the environment’reception of the campsite at a higher level of comfort.

The quality of the bedding is as good as it gets’one of the most fundamental criteria for glamping lovers. Indeed, it is’This is often where the problem lies when the’we live in a tent. The sanitary facilities are also more adapted and even private in some cases. Finally, the modes of accommodation’he proposed accommodation can be very varied.

One thinks of course of the from yurts to tipis or tree houses. And if you decide to go to the USA with Cercledesvoyages, you will see that you can glamp this summer in many forms !

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Travel to the USA in a different way

For us Europeans, the United States is often synonymous with dense, highly urbanized cities, skyscrapers of infinite dimensions or even a small town’endless highways to travel to’to more thirsty. And all this obviously exists in the United States. That said, we must not forget that the country is also a land where rural life is extremely present. And glamping this summer in the USA will allow you to meet the real provincial Americans while visiting its beautiful natural areas !

In fact, glamping is perhaps the most popular form of accommodation’one of the few ways left to really visit the territories and not to cross them or fly over them. Indeed, if hotels are often urban and too impersonal and campsites lack comfort, glamping is exactly at the crossroads of these two modes of living’accommodation. And it’s perfectly suited to what most people want to do conscious tourists wish now.

Experts at the service of your discoveries

But then how to travel to the USA and glamping this summer ? The question deserves to be answered’To be really pleasant, glamping cannot suffer from the lack of comfort’approximation. C’This is why we strongly recommend that you turn to experts in customized travel, such as the staff of

Thanks to them, you can glamp in Utah as well as climb the highest towers in Manhattan, discover the Great West with your family or cross the most beautiful beaches in the world national parks of the country, as Yellowstone. And what is really magical about this formula is that you can’is that everything is customizable ! N’so don’t hesitate to contact an expert advisor, who will tailor-make a trip for you, from the largest airport in the usa to the most famous sites, if you so desire !