Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Annecy, one of the poles of the creation of web sites in France

Very popular with millions of tourists every year, the Annecy area is not only a tourist destination of choice. With its powerful dynamism in many fields of activity, it is also a very attractive city, economically speaking.

Annecy : in the Top 5 cities where it is good to live in France

Everyone knows Annecy for its idyllic landscape, with lake and mountains, its charming old town, with the old prison in the middle of the Thiou, which earned it the nickname of “Venice of the Alps”. It’s true that the city of Annecy has a lot to offer, especially since it’s bordered by the A41 freeway, which makes it possible to get to Geneva, Grenoble or Lyon in about an hour.

Add to that the proximity of several ski resorts in winter and you have a list of absolutely remarkable assets, which this video describes very well:

Digital professionals can set up anywhere

Well, you can imagine that these assets probably explain another particularity, economic this time: the absolutely remarkable density of web professionals. Florence Le Vot, President of the Radiance Group (Radiance Conseil, Radiance-Com, Radiance Média, etc.) confirms: “Whether we are in the business of website creation, search engine optimization, community management or any other field, our production teams do not need to be located where our clients are. The exchanges are done by phone, by instant messaging, by email. So we can set up teams wherever we want. “

And he adds: “A company with premises in Annecy, in the Annecy area or elsewhere in Haute-Savoie, is more attractive to candidates. We can therefore afford to raise the recruitment criteria because by having more candidates for a position of developer, SEO consultant or data scientist, we can globally retain profiles of more experienced candidates. And the other advantage is that since we are not in Paris and the quality of life is infinitely better, candidates are willing to work for a lower salary than they would ask to work in Paris. “.

It is therefore not surprising that major digital players have set up shop here. We are thinking in particular of the agencies MNSTR, NetDesign, Felix Création, Radiance Conseil and a few others, which employ more than 150 people in total, e-commerce sites such as Headict and SnowLeader or the specialist in internet dating: 2L Multimédia. In short, there is a real digital ecosystem in Annecy !