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7 cheap hotels in Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in France and is very popular with travelers. Tourists choose to stay there to visit the most important monuments that make up its reputation. Caf├ęs, hotels or restaurants, luxury is everywhere. Despite popular belief, this does not always mean expensive prices.

With this in mind, discover a list of the 7 cheap hotels in Paris.

List of 7 cheap hotels in Paris

Modernity and impeccable services are the criteria visitors choose. Today, luxury is often associated with high prices. However, although the cost of living is high, a hotel in Paris can offer impeccable services while being inexpensive.

Ibis hotels in Paris

The Ibis establishments are among the most popular and among the cheap hotels in Paris. The services offered are generally the same and the accommodation combines well-being and quality at all times.

In addition, they also offer a transportation service to and from the nearest airport. Some ibis hotels in Paris are located in the precinct to directly welcome travelers from all over the world.

The main concept of this hotel chain is to guarantee a quality service at affordable prices for everyone.

In addition, Ibis hotels offer standard amenities such as furnished rooms, 24-hour front desk service, and a restaurant/bar. Modern in style, they are generally composed of 3-star rentals.

B Hotels&B de Paris

The B establishments&B are among the cheapest hotels in Paris. This hotel chain usually offers accommodation outside the city. These are often located in strategic locations such as highway areas or airport corridors.

B Hotels&B in Paris are usually made up of 2 star rated accommodations. The prices are therefore very advantageous in relation to the quality of service provided and the level of comfort offered.

In order for the establishments to respond to the same philosophy, the rooms are furnished in a unique way. They are air-conditioned and equipped with satellite television, a Blutex mattress and specific pillows invented by the famous Drouault.

In order to provide Internet access to all tenants, the resort also provides free Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Kyriad hotels in Paris

Comfort and impeccable service quality are the mottos of Kyriad hotels in Paris. Accommodations rated between 2 and 4 stars are often located in strategic places. In fact, they are generally located near train stations, motorways or business districts.

In addition to offering a high level of service, they offer a unique and brand-specific atmosphere.

In order to create an atmosphere that reflects the image of the group, these cheap hotels in Paris offer their clients rooms equipped with all the necessary amenities. Breakfast can be served in the room and parking is available.

On the other hand, 4-star hotels offer more complete services. Indeed, the rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with television, coffee machine and individual safe for each registered tenant. Some Kyriad establishments have a swimming pool and offer the services of a hairdresser and dry cleaning.

Campanile hotels in Paris

In order to meet the needs of its clientele, Campanile hotels in Paris offer mid-range accommodation. These establishments often combine comfort and quality service at attractive prices. The rooms are suitably furnished with a full and comfortable bed.

In addition, the accommodation offers free Internet access and quality facilities for all tenants.

Moreover, the hotel chain is generally composed of establishments classified 3 stars. The rooms are all air-conditioned. If you wish to stay in one of the hotels in the Medina, you will have to choose one of them cheap hotels in Paris, the Campanile will surely suit you.

As for the style of the house, the design was created by the famous decorator Patrick Jouin.

Its main advantage lies in its authentic atmosphere and its proximity to various amenities. Indeed, the hotels are located in the vicinity of train stations, airports, but especially historical monuments.

Mercure hotels in Paris

Offering establishments rated between 3 and 4 stars, the Mercure brand is among the most popular cheap hotels in Paris. It generally offers modern rooms. The hotels offer family rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people.

These rentals include air conditioning, a television and a hair dryer. The service also includes room service and laundry facilities

In order to perfect the quality of services, Mercure hotels in Paris are keen to offer an impeccable welcome. The decoration of the building is in the style of the city with particular ornaments.

Also, they highlight local products through their restaurant service. In order to complete their offer, the hotels also offer work spaces for rent during the day. A lounge to relax is available to guests.

Novotel hotels in Paris

The Novotel hotels in Paris are part of the Accor group. Its Allsafe label is a testimony to the comprehensive services it offers, but above all to the guarantee of compliance with hygiene measures. Novotel hotels offer family rooms specially designed to accommodate several guests wishing to stay in Paris. These rooms are air-conditioned and furnished.

Novotel hotels in Paris also offer breakfast and welcome gifts for young guests.

Generally made up of accommodation rated between 3 and 4 stars, these cheap hotels in Paris combine impeccable service and quality. Indeed, the establishments reserve for the customers of the spaces plays with a console XBOX 360 to occupy the young people.

In addition, some hotels have fitness rooms and meeting rooms. To ensure that the offers are suitable for everyone, facilities have been designed for people with reduced mobility.