Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

The cultural mediation to make the link between artists, works and public

You have heard of cultural mediation, but you don’t know exactly what it means ? You are a museum or a cultural institution looking for ? We tell you everything about this sector !

That’cultural mediation ?

Cultural mediation, is the link between the artists, the works and the public in the cultural sector. This link is established through communities and institutions. These different structures spread culture to a maximum number of people by organizing events, shows, concerts or workshops.

To ensure this link between artists, works and the public, cultural mediation invites artists to transform their relationship with the public. In this cultural mediation, the social actors have the mission to integrate the cultural dimension in their various fields of activity.

In addition to the link between artists, works of art and the public, cultural mediation, developed in the 1960s, refers to the construction of new links between public space, culture and politics.

By umbrellaing a set of practices, cultural mediation wishes that everyone becomes a cultural actor. Thus, the cultural mediation valorizes the citizen’s expressions. And more and more, cultural mediation is used as a political strategy in social development contexts.

This cultural mediation can can be done in person or digitally or both. Indeed, you can solicit a cultural mediation agency to enhance your content and your collections through interactive mediation devices. To do this, you can count for example on a company like Nell & AssociƩs which is specialized on this sector.

cultural mediation

Why trust Nell & Associates ?

To create the link between artists, works and the public, Nell & Associates Indeed, they valorize your collections through numerous media such as :

  • the smartphones
  • audiovisual contents
  • tablets
  • websites

Nell & For example, AssociƩs offers the Nell Museum service, which guarantees a team of digital experts to adapt the content to your audience. This agency has indeed professionals creating for you courses of cultural mediation to measure via ludic storytellings. Like the travel agencies that offer the public a unique way to escape !

Working with Nell & Associated, it is to assure you of graphic proposals elaborated by artists with the aim of better promoting contemporary creation.

Nell Museum guarantees for example:

  • a mastered project management
  • indicators in order to to follow in real time the engagement of your visitors
  • of customized training, in face-to-face or distance learning, to help you use your devices
  • a unique service dedicated to your projects

If you are a museum or cultural institution and wish to design, produce and get help to install digital educational content to take advantage of cultural mediation to link artists, works and the public, the agency is an option to consider.