Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Travelling: is coffee a good idea to avoid drowsiness at the wheel?

Although the driver took time to rest before a long drive, there may still be a moment when he feels like sleeping. To reduce micro-sleep episodes, drinking coffee is a good alternative. However, taking this drink before the start does not mean that you are exempt from taking breaks.

Does coffee keep us awake?

Coffee, especially caffeine, takes only a quarter to half an hour to reach our brain. Once it arrives at its destination, it blocks adenosine receptors. This substance calms our nervous system and usually leads to sleep.

Its blockage thus avoids drowsiness and even leads to theincreased reflexes and alertness.

This blockage is not conducive to the proper functioning of the body if you consume coffee at night. Indeed, drinking leads to several spontaneous awakenings and disturbs the quality of your sleep, which is no longer really restful.

Addiction also means that caffeine does not have the same effect on the body’has no effect on sleep anymore. As a result, for heavy drinkers of this beverage, the effectiveness of coffee against drowsiness may diminish over time.

Drinking coffee for a vigilant driving

According to a study published in July 2021, the Drowsiness at the wheel would be the first cause of death on a highway. Drinking coffee before departure avoids this drowsiness during at least two hours of driving.

The association Assurance Prévention has made an analysis and a survey on 75 drivers using a driving simulator with braking exercises. To the’The study concluded that coffee has a positive effect in the fight against drowsiness on long monotonous highway trips. It also has a beneficial effect against loss of vigilance while driving.

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How to consume coffee to take advantage of its benefits ?

Coffee abuse is bad for your health. Indeed, according to several studies, beyond a certain quantity, this drink causes addiction, sleep problems, headaches and even cardiovascular problems.

The ideal is not to drink too muchOnly take it before you leave and stop there. For a daily intake, do not exceed 3 to 4 cups per day.

How to consume coffee to take advantage of its benefits?

Rest is always important before driving

Coffee is not the only ingredient that optimizes driving safety during a long car trip. Rest is also essential. Despite your excitement for the getaway and the preparation of the trip, it is important to avoid getting tired at all costs before getting behind the wheel for long hours.

The best way to rest is to have a good night’s sleep a few days before the “D” day or at least the day before. It is necessary to respect the 8 hours of sleep that our organism needs and the ideal is that it is really restorative. Sleeping less than 5 hours multiplies by three the risks of accident, according to the data of the road safety.

It is also better to set the departure in the morning and not at night, so that coffee keeps you awake for several hours afterwards, without impacting the proper functioning of your brain. It is also recommended to take a break every two hours. The ideal is to leave the vehicle, stretch or even walk a little for at least 15 minutes.

If you feel like sleeping, you should take a short 20-minute nap and not resist to sleep.