Thu. May 23rd, 2024

How to do eco-responsible camping ?

The climate emergency is pushing more and more people to adopt an ecological lifestyle. The tourism industry among others is regularly at the heart of the debates. To keep up with the changes in society and adapt to new mores, several types of environmentally friendly trips and stays are emerging.

Camping has always had a strong appeal among the French population and still remains a preferred mode of stay for travelers, due to its tranquility, simplicity and closer connection with nature. Nowadays, it is possible to make your camping trip eco-responsible, here are some tips.

C’What is an eco-responsible campground ?

Ze-camping and its advantages

A eco-responsible camping is characterized by a respect for nature and the environment. With Ze-camping, you will find a list of the best ecological campsites located in the most beautiful regions of France, but also in other countries like Portugal and Italy.

Go to the Ze-camping website to access the vast selection of 3* to 5* campsites. Explore the favorite campsites listed on Ze-camping and combining comfort and conviviality. From the children’s club to the mobile home, including the indoor swimming pool or the water park, the rental offers vary according to your interests.

What are the characteristics of an eco-responsible camping ?

An eco-responsible campsite is involved in sustainable tourism and limits its ecological footprint to a minimum. It respects the environment in which it is located by reducing water and energy consumption.

Waste management and land reclamation are important aspects of all eco-responsible campsites. These can take different forms: from the camper van, to the mobile home rental, to the campsites including a swimming pool, with Ze-camping, you will always have the opportunity to feel close to nature, whether in France, Spain or Italy.