Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Review of Nancy in Hell by El Torres and J.J RYP

Fans of the Grindhouse-style universe and fantasy ? Look no further, Nancy in Hell is certainly the comic book you’ve been looking for for a long time. Angels, demons, zombies, scientists and in the middle, a tall blonde with perfect plastic and very short clothes… What more could you ask for ?


Nancy is a young girl like all the American girls: playful, sexy and light. Like all young people, she believes she is immortal, but one day, death knocks at her door.

They say pure girls go to heaven, but where do the others go? ? Nancy will wake up in a place populated by frightening creatures: lost souls, demons and evil shadows, zombies, monsters of all kinds… In her quest to escape from Hell, Nancy finds an unexpected ally: Lucifer himself.

Fallen angel who considers that he has served his sentence, he will join forces with Nancy to pass the tests that will lead them out of Hell. Armed with her chainsaw, she will fight all the creatures that dare to stand in their way !


Nancy-in-hell-coverReading Nancy in Hell is a bit like watching a Robert Rodriguez movie on hallucinogenic mushrooms. The first thing that will please (or displease) enormously in this comic book is its completely crazy side (and assumed !). Don&#8217t look for logic in this story which will mix in a jubilant way zombies worthy of Romero, a visit of the underworld (in the sense, reminding Dante&#8217s Divine Comedy), a classic B serial killer movie and so on.

Nancy, the heroine, is the archetype of the blonde with perfect plasticity who is the type to be savagely murdered by the first serial killer who comes along during a vacation with friends in a shack lost in the woods. Except that Nancy, once in Hell, knows how to fight, and plays the chainsaw on the heads of zombies like nobody else.


If the story is quite simple (Nancy goes back to the underworld with a certain Lucifer), it is mostly used as an excuse to put Nancy in highly improbable situations where she will have to fight always harder to win. We appreciate the sequences of fight completely “what’s the fuck” intercalated between two moments of “pause” where Lucifer will explain to Nancy the reason of his presence in the underworld and his purpose. On this point, the delirious scenario of El Torres (Juan Antonio Torres) respects at best the classics of pulp in all its splendor.

nancy_luciferJuan-José Ryp’s drawings are globally successful in spite of some fights that are really messy and lack readability. The readers will be reassured with calmer, more sympathetic passages, where many will appreciate the sober “dress of Nancy. We can feel that the man, who is currently working on Wolverine (excuse the pun) !) has been working in comics for a long time !

In conclusion, Nancy in Hell is a good outlet for B-movie fans. All the ingredients are there, and we enjoy following Nancy’s adventures to get out of the underworld. Find this book by clicking here.