Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Mégarama: a new 9-screen cinema in December in Seynod

At the end of this year, the movie lovers of the Annecy area will have a new multiplex in Seynod. Mégarama will offer the latest blockbusters in its nine theaters.

A project long slowed down

This project began 9 years ago. But numerous administrative appeals have delayed its adoption by the administrative authorities. In October 2020, the building permit was finally validated.

The construction of the multiplex began at the end of 2021 and should be completed in December 2022, just before the Christmas vacations, which is quite symbolic.

Mégarama will be located in the south of Annecy, near the Géant Casino shopping center, in Seynod. It will benefit from its own parking lot and also from the huge parking lot of the hypermarket. The population growth is very important in the catchment area.

Mégarama wanted to propose a local offer for the towns of Seynod, Cran-Gevrier, Meythet and Poisy. The main competitor is the Pathé-Gaumont multiplex which is located near the Courier shopping center in downtown Annecy. Other movie theaters, such as art galleries & The “Essai” movies will not be affected by the general public offer of Mégarama.

Programming, technology and ticket price

The construction work is progressing quickly and by mid-December 2022, the spectators of Annecy may have the chance to see the film Avatar 2 in its theaters equipped with full laser, that is to say with 4K projectors. One of the rooms will even be labeled “Horizon” which guarantees a very high quality image and sound. The nine rooms will offer 1,380 seats.

The large hall will have 455 seats. It will screen the most important bockbusters, but also about thirty films Arts & Try it out.

The Seynod multiplex aims at 325,000 admissions per year by programming more than 220 films each year. The price of the ticket has not yet been communicated by the company. But the latest Megarama to open in France in Nice offers prices ranging from €7 to €10.50 per adult seat. A cinema-café will allow to have a snack before or after a movie. The Megarama group has 30 cinemas in France, Morocco and Spain.

It has achieved 5.3 million entries in 2018.

Address Mégarama, Avenue d’Aix-les-Bains, 74 600 Seynod.