Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

3 activities in Nantes to let go and de-stress

Metropolis of the’West of Nantes’Hexagon, Nantes is a tourist destination par excellence. Located between the’The city benefits from the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean and the banks of the Loire River’a strategic position that attracts visitors. With its many green spaces, Nantes is a’It is rightly said that’it was awarded the green capital of the’Europe.

Nantes is a dynamic city which abounds in various distractions. Here are the activities you can do to forget your daily worries.

The float

Born there is more than’half a century ago, the concept of flotation invented by an American neuroscientist is now a reality an activity of relaxation. This last one started from’an interrogation: how does the brain react when it is not in the right place?’it is isolated from all external stimuli ? This issue led to the implementation of the floatation that the doctor began to apply to his patients admitted in psychiatry.

Since then, the practice has become widespread and has’Since then, the practice has spread and has become a therapy used in many relaxation centers. Several institutes have made it their specialty by adding their personal touch. Floating is a weightless bath that consists of taking a bath in the water’Locked in a box of’isolation filled with’salt water and loaded with magnesium.

It allows you to relax and achieve a state of deep well-being.

We advise you to go to a floating cabin in a spa to practice this relaxation exercise. More than just floating, what Neoden offers is’is a complete relaxation session through the bath of sensory deprivation and massages.

Visit the galleries of the Machines de l’island

This gallery is a dynamic center that offers a breathtaking show with giant machines. This very exciting exhibition has’fantastic elements that deserve the detour. It s’acts among others, of l’giant elephant and the Carrousel of the Marine Worlds.

L’Giant elephant is among the monuments not to be missed in this place. This unusual architecture represents a giant and majestic elephant in motion and frozen at the same time. However, you have the possibility to visit’activate the’animal in some places of the body.

This masterpiece’œThe work is impressive and will not fail to amaze you. The Carrousel of the Marine Worlds is particularly distinguished by its lights and its decoration which are skilfully thought to offer you a unique spectacle.

Visit the Jardin des Plantes

The Jardin des Plantes is a space entirely dedicated to greenery and botany. It is’extends over 7328 hectares and The river is home to 10,000 species of plants’various origins. Located downtown, it includes, 800 square meters of greenhouse and about 50,000 flowers that are planted each year.

The 150 year old castle is a great place to visit’is the’The Jardin des Plantes is one of the largest botanical gardens in France with its numerous collections of flowers planted in an artistic and poetic manner. You can admire its unique collection of camellias as well as the sylvan tulip which disappeared in the 1970s and has been reintroduced. This high place of tourism recognized even in the world’The Bay of Biscay has a lot to offer Many other rare species of plants.

L’Entrance is free and accessible to people with disabilities. You will find all the conveniences for your comfort as well’a restaurant. The garden also has a number of other attractions’a library dedicated to botany.